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I learned how to make kleenex lilies from the teacher at my art class when I was six years old. There are lots of different variations you can make. You don’t have to use a glitter pipe cleaner like I did, it’s just what we had. Regular green pipe cleaners will work as well. Also, you can make them with more layers of kleenex, with less or no pollen, or you can make the tips of the pollen different by cutting little slits in the paper or coloring the edges with a marker. There are hundreds of different variations you can use on this craft! We only show one of them. I hope you have fun!  – Abbie

Kleenex Lily Flower Craft


green pipe cleaner
yellow construction paper
glue (which we forgot to put in the picture!)

materials - blossomsandposies.com


Lay two pieces of kleenex across each other, diagonally, forming a star.

star - blossomsandposies.com

Pinch the center of the star and fold the rest of the star down into a cone shape. Lay the cone aside

pinch - blossomsandposies.com

cone - blossomsandposies.com

Cut a longwise strip of yellow construction paper about 2″ high. Cut a jagged edge along one side with the deeper cuts about 1/4″ in.

cut - blossomsandposies.com

Roll the paper into a tube with one edge pointy and the other flat. Glue the roll of yellow paper point side up in the center of the Kleenex cone.

glue - blossomsandposies.com

Take a green pipe cleaner and wrap it around the bottom of the flower starting about 1/2″ from the bottom of the flower.

wrap - blossomsandposies.com

When you get to the bottom of the flower leave the rest to stick down straight as a stem.

bouquet - blossomsandposies.com

Kleenex lily tutorial

Do you ever make flowers? What kind of materials do you use? Click here to tell us in the comments. We are always looking for new ideas for crafting flowers.

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