Daisy Mini Cupcakes

Tutorial for decorating miniature daisy cupcakes

Abbie has used this simple technique to decorate mini cupcakes three times in the past few weeks – for a church function, a birthday party and for Easter dinner. Each time she has delighted the guests. Wait until you see how easy they are! We got the original idea from the book What’s New Cupcake (a book filled with crazy adorable ideas for cupcakes) and modified it to make our Daisy Mini Cupcakes. Daisy Mini Cupcakes Ingredients frosted mini cupcakes miniature marshmallows colored sugar skittles Directions 1. Cut marshmallows in half diagonally. Each marshmallow will make two petals. 2. Dip [...] Read more »

Origami Poinsettia Gift Topper

Origami Poinsettia Gift Topper - blossomsandposies.com

disclosure: affiliate links present Can you imagine the excitement when a copy of How to Make 100 Paper Flowers arrived in our mailbox? We were given the opportunity to review this book, and oh my were there two happy girls when we opened it! Yes, those bookmarks are all projects Abbie must urgently try. This is an easy book for us to review – we love it! Abbie is still swooning over the beautiful flowers: “Some of them are SO realistic!” I (Mrs. Brown) am swooning over the gorgeous photos, and delighted that Abbie is going to fill up our [...] Read more »

Tissue Paper Rose Garnish Tutorial

tissue paper rose garnish tutorial - blossomsandposies.com

A while back, as I was busy practicing the art of Doing Nothingness (a.k.a standing-around-not-being-very-productivisity), I randomly came up with the idea of making roses out of tissue paper. I toyed with the idea a little, and pretty soon I had a small, red, easy to smash, tissue paper rose. In case you hadn’t noticed, I enjoy making long, silly, incomprehensible words and sentences, that include the extensive use of punctuation marks, predominantly the subtle, yet impactful character, the comma. If you would like to learn how to make a miniscule, scarlet, readily disposable, that which is made from gift [...] Read more »

Kleenex Lily – Flower Craft

kleenex lily tutorial - BlossomsAndPosies.com

I learned how to make kleenex lilies from the teacher at my art class when I was six years old. There are lots of different variations you can make. You don’t have to use a glitter pipe cleaner like I did, it’s just what we had. Regular green pipe cleaners will work as well. Also, you can make them with more layers of kleenex, with less or no pollen, or you can make the tips of the pollen different by cutting little slits in the paper or coloring the edges with a marker. There are hundreds of different variations you [...] Read more »

Cupcake Paper Flower Valentine

Super cute flowers made from cupcake papers! You can use these as Valentines too - just open the leaves and write your message!

A few weeks ago, Abbie was tinkering around with some cupcake papers and made a flower. Knowing that a Valentine’s Day party is around the corner, I asked her this week if she thought she could take that flower idea and incorporate a chocolate kiss. She sat right down and got to work, and even added a way to include a message! Here’s what she came up with…. Materials 1 yellow cupcake wrapper 1 pink cupcake wrapper 1 green cupcake wrapper one dark chocolate kiss glue gun Instructions Glue the point of the kiss into the center of the yellow [...] Read more »

Flower Pen Tutorial


You can grow a garden of these pens in no time! Perfect to give away, adorn a wrapped gift or to add flourish to your writing. Flower Pen Tutorial Materials: artificial flower (long stem and large heads make the best flower pens) pen wire cutter floral tape scissors 1) Choose which flower in your bunch you would like to use. Slide leaves up to the base of the flower if you wish to keep them, or down to the bottom of the stem if you will be discarding them. 2) Place the pen next to the flower, so that the [...] Read more »