DIY Curling Ribbon Gift Topper

Make your own gift topper for pennies. from

You can spend a whole bunch of money buying pre-made curling ribbon gift toppers. But it is way more fun (and soooo much cheaper) to make your own. So today, I will show you how to make the kind of curlicue ribbon that you find on gifts and flowers. They are actually super easy to make! Materials curling ribbon scissors Directions Start by cutting a length of ribbon. You can make it as long as you like, but two feet is a pretty good starting point for each curl. The next thing you’ll do is open the scissors really wide [...] Read more »

Origami Poinsettia Gift Topper

Origami Poinsettia Gift Topper -

disclosure: affiliate links present Can you imagine the excitement when a copy of How to Make 100 Paper Flowers arrived in our mailbox? We were given the opportunity to review this book, and oh my were there two happy girls when we opened it! Yes, those bookmarks are all projects Abbie must urgently try. This is an easy book for us to review – we love it! Abbie is still swooning over the beautiful flowers: “Some of them are SO realistic!” I (Mrs. Brown) am swooning over the gorgeous photos, and delighted that Abbie is going to fill up our [...] Read more »

Recycled Wrapping Paper Note Cards

Recycled Wrapping Paper Note Cards - Blossoms and Posies

It’s the day before Christmas, and some of you are probably relaxing with family and friends, while others are running around frantically trying to finish last minute projects. We’ll confess we are in the second group… we are always up to our eyeballs in grand plans and new projects that we just have to squeeze in! Still we are thinking ahead. We know that we will be blessed with gifts tomorrow that the givers will have taken time and careful thought to choose. And we also know that after all those wonderful gifts are opened, there will be a great big [...] Read more »

Make Your Own Dish Scrubby

Make Your Own Dish Scrubby - Blossoms and Posies

We do a lot of cooking at our house. And a lot of cooking means a lot of dishes! For pennies you can make your own dish scrubbies in a rainbow of colors (each scrubby cost us just 25¢!) Keep them by the sink, or pop a few in a basket with a bottle of dish soap to make a colorful and practical gift. They’re the sort of things moms and grandmothers love because they’re useful and made by you! Supplies 1/4 yard of netting in your favorite color hands (your most important tool, naturally) Instructions 1. Fold the netting [...] Read more »

Fleece Tie Pillows

Fleece Tie Pillows

Making fleece tie pillows is a great project to do along with with your little brother or sister. You may need to do the measuring and some cutting, but if they can tie a knot, then away they’ll go! We think they make great gifts too! Supplies 3/4 yard fleece a 12″x12″ square pillow form fabric scissors measuring tape pen or pencil Instructions Cut two 22″x22″ pieces of fleece. If you are using a different sized or shape pillow, just add 10″ to each direction of the pillow’s dimensions for your fleece measurement. Be sure not to include the selvage [...] Read more »

How to Gift Wrap a Box

How to wrap a box

  I love wrapping presents! Boxes are wrapped more often than any other shapes, so you may be wrapping like this for the rest of your life! - Abbie Abbie is very serious when she says she loves wrapping… birthdays and Christmas have become much simpler for me. Now I just hand her the presents and some wrapping paper and away she goes! Today we are sharing the very basic steps for wrapping. We’ll have some fun and unusual ways to spruce up gifts coming in the future. - Mrs. Brown   Measuring First set the box down in one [...] Read more »

Homemade Playdough

Homemade Playdough

Abbie says: It’s fun to make your own playdough. I like being able to make colors I can’t buy. I like to play with it too! Mrs. Brown says: This recipe is easy to make  from common ingredients in your kitchen. It makes enough to share with your little brothers and sisters. You could also give this as a cute toddler gift, with some plastic cookie cutters and a small rolling pin. Homemade Playdough Ingredients 1 cup flour 1/2 cup salt 1 cup water 1 tablespoon oil 1 teaspoon cream of tartar food coloring Directions Mix your flour, cream of [...] Read more »