Quick and Easy Doll Cloak

Quick and Easy Doll Cloak - BlossomsAndPosies.com

Abbie says: I like working with fleece because you don’t have to hem it and that makes the process go a lot faster. My mom and I came up with this pattern together. My doll Laura is a 14″ Waldorf-style doll. Mrs. Brown says: This pattern can be adapted to any size doll because you use your own doll’s measurement as the base measurement. Materials: Fleece (we used white) Ribbon (we used red satin 5/8″ ribbon) Flower (we used a 1″ pre-made red ribbon flower) Scissors Thread Needle Directions 1) Cut a semicircle of fleece for the cloak. To find [...] Read more »

Basic Hand Sewing: How to Sew on a Two-Holed Button

How to Sew on a Two Holed Button - BlossomsAndPosies.com

Sewing on a button is a basic skill and one of the easiest things to do when you are learning to sew. We bought a skirt for Abbie that was too big in the waist, so she decided to move the buttons. First she marked the new spot where she wanted to sew the buttons, then she cut the buttons off, and reattached them using this method… How to Sew on a Two-Holed Button Cut a 2′ piece of thread that matches the color of your button.  Thread the needle and knot the thread doubled. Place the button where you [...] Read more »

Basic Hand Sewing: How to Tie a Knot

How To Tie A Knot - BlossomsAndPosies.com

  Abbie says: “I tie knots in thread all the time and I don’t even really think about it any more. I like to make granny knots best. But tying granny knots was hard at first because you have to make sure both knots match up and you don’t end up with lots of little knots all along your thread.” Mrs. Brown says: “Tying knots in thread may seem a funny thing to post about, but it sure wouldn’t do to have your seams falling out of all your projects! So we figured we ought to remind you to get [...] Read more »

Basic Hand Sewing: How to Thread a Needle

How to Thread a Needle

Threading a needle can be difficult and takes some time to master, but once you have learned how to do it, it can be very useful! – Abbie Preparing your thread   Start by making a clean cut on the end of your thread. Make sure there are no frayed ends left behind to get stuck as you go through the eye of the needle. Abbie prefers to just use the thread this way, but you may find it helps to stiffen the end a bit using one of these methods: You can try stiffening the thread with a bit [...] Read more »

Basic Hand Sewing: Back Stitch Seam


The back stitch is commonly used for securing two pieces of fabric together. It is a strong stitch. I use it for inside seams where it can’t be seen. I like to double my thread when I do a back stitch, but you don’t have to.  – Abbie How to Sew a Back Stitch Materials: fabric needle thread 1. Thread your needle, then tie a knot in the thread. Make sure that your pieces of fabric are aligned; you can pin them if necessary. Push the needle up through the fabric from the bottom and pull the thread through. 2. [...] Read more »