Simple Homemade Bird Feeder Craft

Make a pinecone bird feeder with your favorite little person! This is a great hands on craft for winter!

Pine cone bird feeders are a simple and all-natural craft that can be made by kids of all ages. I am sharing instructions for two easy homemade bird feeders over at Proverbial Homemaker.  You will also find suggestions for making this fun activity educational! Kids will enjoy the process (because they get to get their hands messy – yay!) plus the birds will be happy! And don’t worry – if you don’t like a mess, we offer a tidy bird feeder option too. Read all about it at Proverbial Homemaker! Read more »

Tatting – An Introduction

Rings, chains and picots in lace tatting

I am delighted to welcome my dear friend Ali Shaw of Heartfelt Reflections today! Ali and I are “real life” friends — homeschooling moms who met at theater class then discovered a mutual love of words, the Word and crafting. Now we both write at Do Not Depart, and meet weekly with our daughters for craft time. While I stick with knitting, Ali often brings a tatting project. I had never heard of tatting until Ali introduced me to it. Today she is guest posting and teaching us about the art of tatting! This post contains affiliate links.  - Patti [...] Read more »

Six Strand Braided Ribbon Bookmark

Six Strand Braided Ribbon Bookmark from

One day Abbie sat down with some ribbon, fiddled around for a bit, and produced this pretty bookmark. It lies nice and flat in books, and can be made in up to six colors. To make it extra fancy, you could add charms to the ends. Moms will be happy to learn that the supplies for this project cost a whopping 25¢! Materials 6 spools of 1/8″ satin ribbon Scissors Directions Step 1: Cut six equal pieces of ribbon, one of each color. Step 2: Layer the ribbons on top of each other and tie a knot in one end. [...] Read more »

Mother’s Day Cards – Flowers Made With Vegetables!

Make Your Own Flower Cards Using Vegetables!

You might be surprised by the pretty cards you can make with, of all things, vegetables! When you cut veggies such as celery, lettuce or okra in the right way, they can be used as stamps. Just pat the cut end dry, dip your vegetable stamp into paint or ink, then press it onto card stock or paper! These are perfect for Mother’s Day. You can stamp with fruit as well, but we thought we’d see how many kinds of veggies we could find that could be used in their natural form as stamps. In addition to using vegetables as-is, you [...] Read more »

Independence Day Hair Clip

independence day hair clip -

Are you going to any Fourth of July parties this year? Every Independence Day Eve (is that what you call 07/03?) some of our friends from church hold a big party to celebrate our freedom. I always dress in the colors of the American flag for the party. This year I am going to wear a red white and blue hair clip too! Want to learn how to make one? To make this you will need: Scissors Glue gun Hair clip 3 different colors of ribbon (I suggest red, white, and blue. If you live in Italy, you could do [...] Read more »

Make Your Own Envelopes {free template}

Make Your Own Envelopes {with template} via

I love writing letters to my friends, so I enjoy using this as a way to make cards a little more special. We printed these templates out on differently colored pieces of paper, so that we could show you purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and white envelopes. The template fits correctly on an 8 1/2 – 11″ piece of paper (average printer paper).   — Abbie How to Make Your Own Envelopes 1. Print out our envelope template, and cut out around the black lines. 2. Fold the two flat edged sides in. 3. Fold the two pointed edged sides in. [...] Read more »

Coloring Eggs With Natural Dyes – Brown Eggs vs White Eggs {an experiment}

naturally dyed eggs (brown vs white) -

We love family traditions. Everyone looks forward to our traditional Easter breakfast! Each year we serve homemade Crumb Cake (Grandma Brown’s recipe) and colored hard-boiled eggs. Some years we keep it simple and just buy food dye from the store to color our eggs. The table is lined with little cardboard boxes with holes, and cups with bright vinegary liquid. But other years we make the dyes ourselves. This year we decided to make our own dyes again. We thought we’d try a little experiment while we were at it, and dye both brown and white eggs.  Some people dye [...] Read more »