Creamy Butternut Apple Soup

Creamy butternut apple soup is perfect for a chilly day, and a delicious way to get several servings of fruit and veggies! Chock full of Vitamin A too!

We discovered a new favorite soup this winter. And I found a new way to get my family to eat squash! Woohoo! The awesome convergence of my friend’s over-producing garden (she gave me a whole box of butternut squash!) plus a great sale on organic apples led to this happy discovery. At first it seemed a bit odd. Apples in soup? I knew I was going to have to keep this ingredient on the low down until everyone tried the soup. Sometimes our brains get in the way of our taste buds, you know what I mean? Surprisingly, Creamy Butternut [...] Read more »

Tortilla Snowflakes!

Tortilla Snowflakes make a fun snack that also encourages kids to be creative in the kitchen!

It seems like all our friends and family around the country are snowed in. But we haven’t even had a flake here in Central Texas! If you have kids who are pining for snow, making tortilla snowflakes is a fun kitchen project. On the flip side? If you are a mom who can’t open the door because there is so much snow out there, I’ll bet you have some stir crazy kids. Get out the kitchen scissors and some tortillas and put them to work! The oven will help the house warm up too. Get our full instructions for making [...] Read more »

Valentine’s Day Tea Party

Try these Strawberry Chocolate Heart Muffins at your next tea party!

You might have noticed that we love any excuse for a tea party, and with Valentine’s Day upon us, we thought we should make a few goodies and steep some tea! Before we get to our suggestions for a sweetheart-themed tea party, have you seen our Tea Party Checklist? We compiled some of our best ideas for throwing a tea party that fits your style, and offer them free to you, our sweet readers, when you subscribe to our newsletter! You can subscribe in our sidebar, or just click here! Okay, back to the party! Hosting a Tea Party When [...] Read more »

Easy Alphabet Soup Recipe

This Homemade Alphabet Soup recipe is easy enough for kids to make! Moms, just relax and send the kids to the kitchen!

It is actually chilly here in Texas right now (that does happen occasionally!) and I am drinking nothing but hot tea. I have been craving soup too… nice steamy bowls of soup. A few years ago I created a simple recipe for Alphabet Soup for our friends at Build A Menu. I wanted my kids to be able to easily whip up a pot without much help. The weather is telling me it is time to get them in the kitchen cooking soup again! Alphabet soup combines pasta, beans and vegetables in a chicken stock base. It’s an easy way [...] Read more »

Salmon Cucumber Bites

Try Salmon Cucumber Bites at your next party! Salmon, cream cheese and horseradish combine for a great flavor! #glutenfree #TrimHealthyMama #lowcarb

  If you are looking for a delicious appetizer that will meet many dietary needs, these Salmon Cucumber Bites will fit the bill! A certain game is just around the corner here in the United States, so my thoughts have been wandering to appetizers for the family. We have family members who have been on a low carb diet, a gluten free diet, the Trim Healthy Mama diet and of course no diet at all, so sometimes preparing food for family gatherings can get a little complicated. This recipe works for everyone! Salmon Cucumber Bites have only a few ingredients [...] Read more »

Simple Homemade Bird Feeder Craft

Make a pinecone bird feeder with your favorite little person! This is a great hands on craft for winter!

Pine cone bird feeders are a simple and all-natural craft that can be made by kids of all ages. I am sharing instructions for two easy homemade bird feeders over at Proverbial Homemaker.  You will also find suggestions for making this fun activity educational! Kids will enjoy the process (because they get to get their hands messy – yay!) plus the birds will be happy! And don’t worry – if you don’t like a mess, we offer a tidy bird feeder option too. Read all about it at Proverbial Homemaker! Read more »

Crafting and DIY Extravaganza!


Hi there crafty friends! We have let our wee blog become a bit dusty over the past few months. But no dust has gathered on us! We have been busy as bees having adventures in far flung places, and right in our own living room. Always learning, learning, learning. We have an amazing DIY deal to tell you about today, but first, I wanted to catch you up a little on what we have been doing – making lots of memories! Among which are… an amazing trip to China for Patti (!!) cooking, cooking, cooking Thanksgiving (in Texas and Hong [...] Read more »