Knitting Basics: The Knit Stitch

So you want to learn how to knit? Yay! We love to knit. Mrs. Brown: It’s pretty much constantly hot in Texas. When I first started knitting, it seemed a bit odd to be making wool socks or hats when it was hot enough outside to cook an egg on the sidewalk. But then I realized that it would be impossible to actually knit all the items I wanted to give as Christmas gifts if I waited for the few weeks it was cold out. Now I give thanks for air conditioning and knit year round! You too can knit [...] Read more »

Knitting Basics: The Yarn Hold

hook yarn over pointer finger -

First things first: a yarn hold is not a big cargo area in a ship all filled up with yarn. Teehee. Although that would be wonderful to behold, wouldn’t it? Behold… get it? *blushing* We are total word nerds. No, a yarn hold is simply how you hold your yarn as you work with your needles. You use a yarn hold for both crochet and knitting. Your yarn hold is important, but it isn’t always easy to sort out. You want to be able to hold the working yarn with enough tension that you can make a stitch, but loose [...] Read more »

Knitting Basics: How to Wind a Ball of Yarn

How to Wind a Yarn Ball -

Sometimes yarn is sold in units wound in such a way that you can knit or crochet from them immediately. But often yarn is sold in skeins. These skeins of yarn need to be wound into balls in order to knit them easily. If you don’t wind them first, you will end up with a giant tangled mess of yarn! If you buy your yarn in a nice yarn shop you can ask them to wind it for you, which they will do with a yarn swift and a yarn winder. But if you forget (or buy it online,) you’ll [...] Read more »

Basic Knitting: Long Tail Cast-On

Long Tail Cast-On -

Casting on is the term for putting your first yarn stitches onto a needle for knitting. It is the very first thing you will do when you knit. There are a number of ways to cast on. Here we demonstrate the long tail cast-on, which gives a nice stretchy edge. This is especially useful for hats and sweaters, which need to expand when you put them on. It is also just a good basic cast on, so we use it for almost everything we make, even non-clothing items. Abbie insisted that I (Mrs. Brown) do this demo, so for the [...] Read more »

Two Girls, One Story: How we learned to knit, gave up and started again

basket with yarn - Blossoms and Posies

We have a story for you today. It’s a story that played out in each of our lives at different times. It’s the story of two girls who couldn’t knit. And how we stopped knitting because of it. But that’s not the end. Abbie’s Story – Sometimes It’s Just Hard When I was six I learned how to knit. And I kind of did it for a little bit, but I wasn’t very interested. I think I thought it was too hard. So I threw it to the side. But then, a couple years later, I took a ball of [...] Read more »

How to Finger Knit {and a yarn giveaway!}

How to Finger Knit

Finger knitting is both fun and easy! I learned to do this when I was three years old and I can make a lot very fast! – Abbie Finger knitting is a great introduction to knitting and crocheting. It is ideal for young children who are just beginning to be able to do handwork. Learn how to finger knit then teach your little brother or sister! – Mrs. Brown First make a slipknot as in the above photos. To begin finger knitting: 1. Place the slip knot on your index finger. 2. Lay the working yarn (the yarn that goes [...] Read more »