When the Pollen Flies: How We Treat Seasonal Allergies

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This is a post by Abbie, with motherly comments from Mrs. Brown. Because being a mother is Mrs. Brown’s favorite thing to do.

Like many people in the spring, I have seasonal allergies. They’re annoying.

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How we figured out I had allergies

When I was five years old my family went to a church that had a humongous oak tree in the back yard. Under the oak tree there was a playground that I used to play on every Sunday once the service was ended.

One afternoon in the spring I was playing like usual on the swing when the white of my eye started swelling and my eye started itching very badly. The caregiver brought me to my mother who was very worried and washed my eye immediately. (note from Mrs. Brown: The white of Abbie’s eye was swollen up higher than her iris. It looked like it was going to pop! Scary!)

I was rushed to the clinic where the doctor assured us that nothing was wrong and that I had allergies. My mom thinks a grain of oak pollen actually went in my eye.

That year my only symptoms were itchy eyes and a slightly runny nose. However each year my symptoms got worse. One year I even got walking pneumonia because the stuff in my lungs got infected!

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Things That Have Helped Me With My Allergies

  • taking a shower every night and washing my hair and face
  • changing my pillowcase every night
  • limiting my time outside
  • keeping the windows closed in the house
  • eating less (or no) eggs and apples (they can worsen oak allergy response)
  • limiting dairy products which produce more mucus
  • drinking hot tea with lemon and honey in the morning (helps my throat)
  • using a nasal irrigator (I used Neal Med. I didn’t like it but it worked. Some people use a neti pot)
  • the nurse suggested Abbie try a nasal spray but she hasn’t done that yet – Mrs. Brown
  • a few drops of eucalyptus oil on the edges of the tub when I take a shower (helps breathing)
  • deep breathing exercises every morning and night (breathe in your nose, hold for 10 seconds, breathe out. Do this 5 times)

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What About Medicine?

When I got pneumonia, I was put on antibiotics and that helped right away.

The next year we decided to try allergy medicine so we could nip anything like that in the bud. I have used Claritin, Zyrtec, and Allegra in different years. Right now Allegra seems to be working best. Different medicines seem to work for different people.

I am not a big fan of medicating on a regular basis (every day during allergy season!) but I am thankful that we have this option. How wonderful it would be for Abbie to be freed completely from allergies some day! But for now, we use a combination of medicine and good habits to keep her discomfort minimized, and her risk of secondary infection like pneumonia very low. – Mrs. Brown

Why Are We Writing About This On a Home Arts Website?

I have no idea. Why are we writing this?

Haha Abbie! Taking care of physical health is a very important part of running a home. Knowing ways of dealing with seasonal allergies will help you and your family to enjoy life even when the pollen meanies are trying to take you down! Of course we aren’t doctors, so our readers should be sure to check with their own health caregivers if they struggle with allergies like you do. – Mrs. Brown

Oh! That makes sense!

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