Tortilla Snowflakes!

Tortilla Snowflakes make a fun snack that also encourages kids to be creative in the kitchen!

It seems like all our friends and family around the country are snowed in. But we haven’t even had a flake here in Central Texas! If you have kids who are pining for snow, making tortilla snowflakes is a fun kitchen project. On the flip side? If you are a mom who can’t open the door because there is so much snow out there, I’ll bet you have some stir crazy kids. Get out the kitchen scissors and some tortillas and put them to work! The oven will help the house warm up too. Get our full instructions for making [...] Read more »

Pilgrim Hat Cookies – A Thanksgiving Treat

Grab the kids and make these cute and easy Pilgrim Hat Cookies for Thanksgiving!

Looking for a cute dessert for the kids to put together for Thanksgiving dinner? How about chocolate Pilgrim Hat Cookies? Check out our guest post at Hip Homeschool Moms today for the full instructions on how to make Pilgrim Hat Cookies. Pilgrim Hat Cookies Tutorial This post contains affiliate links. We first made Pilgrim Hats for the Build A Menu folks – and guess what? Build A Menu is running their 3rd anniversary sale this month! Woohoo! Right now get a whole year for only $35, using coupon code BAMfor35. That’s more than 50% off! This would make an AWESOME [...] Read more »

Chocolate Acorns

Chocolate Acorns -

It is still pretty warm here in Texas, but the official start of autumn is just days away. Our minds have been on fall activities, but since we can’t really get that fall feeling outside yet, we decided to bring it inside and make an acorn treat for Build A Menu. What do you think? More appealing than acorn bread? Get the full recipe and tutorial for our Chocolate Acorns at Build A Menu! Read more »

Easy Cheesy Crackers

Easy Cheesy Crackers -

This week we were in a baking mood, so we decided to make crackers for our Build A Menu friends. Easy Cheesy Crackers is a recipe that you can really get your hands into! Lots of cracker and pastry recipes call for using a pastry cutter, a kitchen tool designed to help mix butter and flour into a light and flaky pastry, without causing the gluten in the flour to be worked too much. Gluten is what makes bread chewy, which you want for bread, but not so much for crackers. I (Mrs. Brown) didn’t own a pastry cutter when [...] Read more »

Red, White and Blue Nachos

red white and blue nachos -

It’s July and we’ve got red, white and blue on our minds. The Fourth of July is in just three days, and we have parties to plan for! How about some Red, White and Blue Nachos? We created a quick snack for our friends at Build A Menu that would work perfectly for an Independence Day celebration. Did you know that there are only three foods that are naturally blue? They are blue corn, blueberries and blue potatoes. And, well, sometimes they look sort of purple. But we are partial to those natural colorings, as you may remember, so even [...] Read more »