DIY Fall Orange Cleaning Wipes and Autumn Bliss Review {plus giveaway}

DIY orange cleaning wipes from Autumn Bliss -

Oooo we have a lot of goodies for you today! Just one look at this collage for Autumn Bliss, the new ebook from Denise Thompson and Lori Ramsey, and you can see why I was eager to take a peek inside!  Why a book about autumn? I think the authors sum it up well here: “As we pull out the turtleneck sweaters and boots once again, we might ask ourselves, “now what?” How do we spend this season in a unique way? What if we could find more meaning to this fall season before we move onto planning and preparing [...] Read more »

Make a Fancy Hairdo! {a Lilla Rose giveaway}

Lilla Rose Flexi Clip Giveaway 10/3/13-10/9/13

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting our family! We have a fun giveaway for you this week! How would you like to win a beautiful Lilla Rose hair clip? Mrs. Brown says: I had been curious about Lilla Rose Flexi Clips for a while before we had the opportunity to see some in person (I’d always seen them online.) Abbie has waist-length hair and was so excited when she got her hands on these clips! She has been wearing Lilla Rose hair clips almost every day since. I have been so impressed by how well the [...] Read more »

Roots for The Journey – A Music Review and Giveaway


(This is a review of the music CD Roots for the Journey by Yancy. If you click on the link for the CD and buy it, our family will get a small portion of the sale. It’s called an affiliate link. That means we are the ones who told you about the CD and Yancy thinks that’s cool so she’ll give us a bit of the money. But it won’t cost you anything extra. Also, Yancy let us have this CD for free so we could listen and tell everyone what we think about it. Oh and that was our [...] Read more »

Bird Embroidery Scissors and Bumblebee Tape Measure {a giveaway}

Scissors and Measuring Tape giveaway

Today’s gifts in this week’s giveaway parade are adorable! In fact Abbie thought it would be just fine if we kept them. But instead we are going to give them to one of you! We both like to use tiny scissors like these when we knit. They get a nice close cut for trimming ends.  They are easy to slip into our project bags and take with us. And they are just pretty to look at. The bumblebee tape measure is practical as well as cute. The bee’s tail is actually the end of the tape measure. Just give it [...] Read more »

Sugar Cookie Recipe

Sugar Cookie Recipe - Blossoms and Posies

One of our beloved December family traditions is making sugar cookies in colorful shapes. This is our very favorite sugar cookie recipe! Abbie says: “Sugar cookies are really fun and extremely yummy… and I’m about to eat one right now! Yum yum yum!” Mrs. Brown says: “Don’t bother with a sugar cookie recipe that doesn’t have butter. Abbie’s father was not a sugar cookie fan until he tried these! I think it’s the butter that makes the difference.” Ingredients 1 cup soft butter 1 2/3 cup sugar 2 eggs 3 teaspoon vanilla 3 1/2 cups flour 2 1/2 teaspoons baking [...] Read more »

Supplies to Make Ribbon Barrettes {a giveaway}

Ribbon Barrette Giveaway

Have you seen our tutorial for making Ribbon Barrettes? To celebrate our launch week, today we are giving away the supplies to make Ribbon Barrettes! Abbie: “This can be difficult at first but with a little practice you can make them in no time!” Mrs Brown: “I remember wearing these when I was a girl, but I didn’t know how to make them. A few years ago we figured out how to create them and Abbie has gotten so fast at putting them together that if we need a little something extra to add to a gift, she can make [...] Read more »

How to Finger Knit {and a yarn giveaway!}

How to Finger Knit

Finger knitting is both fun and easy! I learned to do this when I was three years old and I can make a lot very fast! – Abbie Finger knitting is a great introduction to knitting and crocheting. It is ideal for young children who are just beginning to be able to do handwork. Learn how to finger knit then teach your little brother or sister! – Mrs. Brown First make a slipknot as in the above photos. To begin finger knitting: 1. Place the slip knot on your index finger. 2. Lay the working yarn (the yarn that goes [...] Read more »