Ribbon Barrette Tutorial

Ribbon Barrette TutorialMany mothers will remember these pretty Ribbon Barrettes from their own childhoods. Now girls can make their own! You can choose any two colors, perhaps to go with a special outfit, or to match your favorite team. The ends can be left to flow down your hair or you can tie them in a cute bow. They’re pretty and make great gifts!

Ribbon Barrette Tutorial

Materials to make one pair of matching barrettes:

2 open-center barrettes (preferably NOT no-slip)
6 feet in each of two colors of 1/8″ width ribbon
ruler or tape measure

Materials for Ribbon Barrettes

1) Measure and cut three feet of each color of ribbon.

Measuring Ribbon

2) Holding both ribbons flat against each other, place the barrette in the center of the ribbons. Think about how you will wear your barrette and which end you would like the streamers/bow on when it is in your hair. Start the ribbon on the opposite end of the barrette from where the streamers/bow will be.

Centering Barrette

3) With the barrette open, wrap the right side of the ribbons over the top and down through the center of the barrette. Be sure to keep the ribbons flat as you do this.

Ribbon Barrette Right

4) Wrap the left side of the ribbons over the top of the barrette and down through the center. Gently snug the two crossed ribbons up toward the top, pulling on the ends to keep them stable. The first few wraps are the hardest as the ribbon likes to slide around. Be patient!

Ribbon Barrette Weave Left

5) Take the right pair of ribbons and wrap them over the top then down through the center of the barrette. The second color should be showing now. If it isn’t, check to make sure all the ribbons are lying flat and nothing is twisted.

Ribbon Barrette Second Row

6) Continue to alternate right and left pairs over the top and down through the center of the barrette, snugging the ribbons firmly. The colors should change each row. Keep everything nice and smooth, and fill the center space completely with ribbon.

Ribbon Barrette

Ribbon Barrette

7) When you reach the end, tie a knot in the ribbons, then a bow. If you prefer the streamer look, the barrette will look tidier if you knot the ribbons on the inside of the barrette.

Ribbon Barrette KnotPink Ribbon Barrette

Green Ribbon Barrette


Which pair of colors will you use? Comment here!

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  1. Can’t wait to make these with the girls! Lily says, “That looks easy!” Thanks for the “easy” instructions :)

  2. joyceandnorm says:

    How fun! I love this!!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Kristen says:

    These are great and such a beautiful way to dress up any outfit!


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