Homemade Laundry Detergent

Make your own laundry detergent with three ingredients! #frugal #DIY #homemaking

A few years ago, in my continuing quest to keep household costs down, I decided to try making our own laundry detergent. I asked some of my frugal friends with large families what they do, and they pointed me to this recipe. I use it a little differently than is recommended in the original recipe, so I will share ours here. Taking photos for this tutorial was the first time Abbie made laundry soap. The only thing I did (besides teach her) was move a large pot of boiling water. Put your kids to work moms! <high five> What You’ll [...] Read more »

DIY Fall Orange Cleaning Wipes and Autumn Bliss Review {plus giveaway}

DIY orange cleaning wipes from Autumn Bliss - blossomsandposies.com

Oooo we have a lot of goodies for you today! Just one look at this collage for Autumn Bliss, the new ebook from Denise Thompson and Lori Ramsey, and you can see why I was eager to take a peek inside!  Why a book about autumn? I think the authors sum it up well here: “As we pull out the turtleneck sweaters and boots once again, we might ask ourselves, “now what?” How do we spend this season in a unique way? What if we could find more meaning to this fall season before we move onto planning and preparing [...] Read more »

When the Pollen Flies: How We Treat Seasonal Allergies

Dealing With Seasonal Allergies - BlossomsAndPosies.com

This is a post by Abbie, with motherly comments from Mrs. Brown. Because being a mother is Mrs. Brown’s favorite thing to do. Like many people in the spring, I have seasonal allergies. They’re annoying. How we figured out I had allergies When I was five years old my family went to a church that had a humongous oak tree in the back yard. Under the oak tree there was a playground that I used to play on every Sunday once the service was ended. One afternoon in the spring I was playing like usual on the swing when the [...] Read more »

Pine Cone Firestarters

Pine Cone Firestarters - BlossomsAndPosies.com

Materials: old candle stubs cotton string pinecones old pot water clean tin can spoon scissors Instructions Put wax scraps in a tin can and place the can in an old pot that has water about 3/4 of the way up the can. As you can see, we use a pot that is just for craft projects. In the second picture we had added some more bits of wax so that the liquid wax would rise high enough in the can to cover the pine cone. Boil the water and melt the wax. While the wax is melting, tie some cotton [...] Read more »