Creamy Butternut Apple Soup

Creamy butternut apple soup is perfect for a chilly day, and a delicious way to get several servings of fruit and veggies! Chock full of Vitamin A too!

We discovered a new favorite soup this winter. And I found a new way to get my family to eat squash! Woohoo! The awesome convergence of my friend’s over-producing garden (she gave me a whole box of butternut squash!) plus a great sale on organic apples led to this happy discovery. At first it seemed a bit odd. Apples in soup? I knew I was going to have to keep this ingredient on the low down until everyone tried the soup. Sometimes our brains get in the way of our taste buds, you know what I mean? Surprisingly, Creamy Butternut [...] Read more »

Salmon Cucumber Bites

Try Salmon Cucumber Bites at your next party! Salmon, cream cheese and horseradish combine for a great flavor! #glutenfree #TrimHealthyMama #lowcarb

  If you are looking for a delicious appetizer that will meet many dietary needs, these Salmon Cucumber Bites will fit the bill! A certain game is just around the corner here in the United States, so my thoughts have been wandering to appetizers for the family. We have family members who have been on a low carb diet, a gluten free diet, the Trim Healthy Mama diet and of course no diet at all, so sometimes preparing food for family gatherings can get a little complicated. This recipe works for everyone! Salmon Cucumber Bites have only a few ingredients [...] Read more »

Simple Homemade Bird Feeder Craft

Make a pinecone bird feeder with your favorite little person! This is a great hands on craft for winter!

Pine cone bird feeders are a simple and all-natural craft that can be made by kids of all ages. I am sharing instructions for two easy homemade bird feeders over at Proverbial Homemaker.  You will also find suggestions for making this fun activity educational! Kids will enjoy the process (because they get to get their hands messy – yay!) plus the birds will be happy! And don’t worry – if you don’t like a mess, we offer a tidy bird feeder option too. Read all about it at Proverbial Homemaker! Read more »

Crafting and DIY Extravaganza!


Hi there crafty friends! We have let our wee blog become a bit dusty over the past few months. But no dust has gathered on us! We have been busy as bees having adventures in far flung places, and right in our own living room. Always learning, learning, learning. We have an amazing DIY deal to tell you about today, but first, I wanted to catch you up a little on what we have been doing – making lots of memories! Among which are… an amazing trip to China for Patti (!!) cooking, cooking, cooking Thanksgiving (in Texas and Hong [...] Read more »

Pilgrim Hat Cookies – A Thanksgiving Treat

Grab the kids and make these cute and easy Pilgrim Hat Cookies for Thanksgiving!

Looking for a cute dessert for the kids to put together for Thanksgiving dinner? How about chocolate Pilgrim Hat Cookies? Check out our guest post at Hip Homeschool Moms today for the full instructions on how to make Pilgrim Hat Cookies. Pilgrim Hat Cookies Tutorial This post contains affiliate links. We first made Pilgrim Hats for the Build A Menu folks – and guess what? Build A Menu is running their 3rd anniversary sale this month! Woohoo! Right now get a whole year for only $35, using coupon code BAMfor35. That’s more than 50% off! This would make an AWESOME [...] Read more »

Apple Napkin Fold

Add a whimsical touch to your next autumn party with this easy apple napkin fold! #teaparty #autumn #hospitality

This whimsical apple napkin fold is a cute addition to an informal autumn tea party. It is ridiculously simple, and would probably more accurately be called a napkin “tuck” than a fold! Give it a try! Apple Napkin Fold Instructions Lay the napkin flat on the table, wrong side up. Place a napkin ring in the center. Pull the center of the napkin up through the ring until it protrudes a little way. Tuck the center of each side of the napkin into the napkin ring. Tuck the corners of the napkin into the napkin ring. Turn over and gently [...] Read more »

Cream of Mushroom Soup {THM-S}

Cream of Mushroom Soup - this is a Trim Healthy Mama S recipe #trimhealthymama #glutenfree

For years I was the only person who liked mushrooms in our family, so I rarely purchased them. About a year ago, Abbie decided to try to expand her palate in the mushroom realm, so I happily began to cook them more often. I am still the only one who really likes mushrooms, but everyone else (except for the youngest) is willing to eat them. Even my husband said, “You know, I’m really not a mushroom fan, but this soup is delicious!” Most creamed soups are thickened with either potatoes or flour (usually using a roux.) Potatoes and wheat are [...] Read more »